Finding suitable hotels with food service


It's not unusual for a large place of business to have its own cafe. What is unusual is when that eatery becomes well known for both its cuisine and its selection of native and imported wine. It is even more extraordinary for a private kitchen to become so popular as to be routinely visited by the public from the street just for the food. This is the recognition of bonhams restaurant in the financial sector of London.


Then again, the establishment within which the restaurant resides is also easily recognized by natives. Just as a well-known restaurant has prestigious dining establishments, this cafe is desirable for both the fame of the old auction house above it as well as for its food. As far as price is concerned, the fee for the daily fair is reasonable and the price for the wine is only marked up slightly.

Its main purpose is to provide food for those attending auctions and for business people who need a comfortable place to discuss business. It is a grill and bar but does not cater to a rowdy crowd. It is usually full of serious business people who need to relax between auctions and keep themselves fueled. The public comes in to get a taste of this famous eatery, and the medium-range price tag tends to discourage overcrowding.

Bonhams Restaurant has great food and wine, but the selection of available hot food depends on a daily menu that changes every day and even between meals. This is not a full restaurant but an eatery that fuels people using a limited number of cooks. In spite of the predetermined fare, it is still very good, and someone who eats here regularly does not lack for variety.

For an idea of the environment and the food served, the bar is reached by walking down a flight of stairs to discover a bar counter on the left and small tables on the right. Refrigerators are on the wall behind the bar and contain chilled wine, deserts, and sometimes cold menu items. The wines usually cost less than ten pounds per glass serving, and the food ranges in price from ten to thirty pounds per plate.

With a professional cook on staff, a quality combination of ingredients is usually grilled or fried to produce a dish. Common entrees include duck, mackerel, and crab cooked with garnishing sauce and vegetables. Even potatoes and sea fish are made to taste delectable with the right cooking, and only a native British person understands the local history of cooking sea fish.

Food is served as an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. A three-course meal is typical of half-formal dining, and it increases the variety of food. The desserts are not made hot by the cook in most cases but are still of high quality. They frequently cost just shy of ten pounds.

Because a whole meal might easily cost sixty pounds, it is not casual dining for the average passerby. It is a low-key environment for business people, but polite visitors are free to sample the food. Compared to other fine dining establishments in London, the price tag can actually be quite reasonable.